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“Armed Drones” attack target Erbil airport in Iraq

An attack by “armed drones” targeted, Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq, near the US Consulate in the city, according to the Anti-Terrorism Unit in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The airport has been subjected to missile attacks more than once in recent times.

“The attack on Erbil International Airport was carried out by armed drones,” the counter-terrorism force in Iraq’s Kurdistan region stated in a statement. According to Ahmed Hoshyar, the airport director, “no damage” was done to the airport, which serves as an aviation base for international coalition forces fighting ISIS.

Iraqi security authorities blocked down highways leading to Erbil International Airport and increased their presence in the area, which had previously been the target of many such attacks.

Because of the rocket strike, flights from Erbil airport were halted. So yet, no damage or casualties have been reported.
Over the last year, the airport in Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, has been regularly targeted, notably by drones carrying explosives.

The strikes were blamed on armed factions aligned with Iran, which conducted missile and drone attacks against US soldiers in Iraq, according to US authorities.

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