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Arar Celebrates National Identity for Founding Day

Parades & Moving Exhibition Decorates Arar's Streets

Today, Arar’s streets witnessed vibrant celebrations in honor of Founding Day, marked by parades and a moving exhibition. This event, which included the participation of various government entities, was a grand commemoration of the Founding Day of KSA.

Founding Day in Arar is a grand spectacle that brings the community together in a colorful display of national pride. The streets of Arar witnessed a series of parades that are a feast for the senses.

Diverse Parades in Streets of Arar

The festivities began in Arar, with the parades starting from Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Street in the Almosaediah district. The parades featured a variety of participants, including athletes, volunteers, and even animals like horses and camels. Moreover, there was a moving exhibition of traditional crafts and falconry.

Display of National Pride

A significant highlight of the parades was the display of national flags and banners celebrating Founding Day. Additionally, the participants proudly carried the Saudi flag that symbolizes unity. These elements symbolized the deep-rooted national pride and sentiments of the people.

Highlights of Parades in Arar

Cultural Representation: The parades feature a diverse array of cultural representations from various regions of Saudi Arabia. They showcase traditional costumes, music, and dance.

Community Participation: Citizens of all ages participate, reflecting the strong sense of community and national pride that characterizes the city of Arar.

Moving Exhibition: Journey through History

Additionally, complementing the parades, Arar hosted a moving exhibition that took visitors on a journey through the nation’s history. This exhibition is a unique concept that combines mobility with cultural and historical education.

Features of Moving Exhibition

Interactive Displays: The exhibition included interactive displays that engage visitors, making the learning experience both informative and entertaining.

Historical Artifacts: It featured several historical artifacts that tell the story of Saudi Arabia’s past, from ancient times to the modern era.

Educational & Cultural Significance

The Founding Day celebrations in Arar, particularly the parades and moving exhibition, serve not only as entertainment but also as important educational and cultural experiences. Moreover, they provide an opportunity for the younger generation to learn about their heritage and their history.  They work on reinforcing the community’s connection to Saudi Arabian history and culture.

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