Aramco looks forward to manufacturing hydrogen-powered vehicles in Saudi Arabia

The Dakar Desert Rally will be held in Saudi Arabia for the third time this January, and the automobiles in this global competition have undergone significant changes.

For the first time, a hydrogen-powered truck will compete in the tournament, at a time when Saudi Aramco has taken a prominent position in the technology scene.

In this regard, Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Saadi, Saudi Aramco’s Senior Vice President of Technical Services, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya Net: “To bring the picture closer, we must look at the global energy scene, which has become heavily centered on technology.”

Along with its ability to help cut carbon dioxide emissions while fulfilling global energy needs, he believes hydrogen could play a role in the transition to lower carbon and a more sustainable energy mix.

“Through its research institutes, Saudi Aramco has sought to create fuel technologies,” he continued. It opened the Kingdom’s first hydrogen-filling car station in June 2019, in collaboration with Air Products.

This participation, according to Saudi Aramco’s Senior Vice President of Technical Services, is an essential step in the development of hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel.

He went on to say that this is the first time a hydrogen truck has competed in the Dakar Rally, “with our exclusive sponsorship of the (Gossen) truck, intending to show its capabilities in the most extreme conditions.”

“Using hydrogen fuel also helps cut emissions in the transportation sector, especially in hard-to-decarbonize categories like large trucks,” he said.

Saudi Aramco’s Advanced Innovation Center aims to localize the hydrogen vehicle industry and develop related technologies in the Kingdom.

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