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Arab League moves forward to end diplomatic crisis between Lebanon & Saudi Arabia

Hossam Zaki, the Assistant Secretary-General of Arab League, conducted recently numerous tours to Lebanese officials to see what resources they might have to resolve the diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

“Arab connections are crucial for Lebanon and the Gulf nations,” Zaki said after he meets with President Michel Aoun and the government’s Najib Mikati in Beirut said on (Monday).

He said, “We discovered a gap in the door that we are attempting to open, and we applaud any Arab effort to resolve the problem between Lebanon and the Gulf states. This catastrophe could not have happened, but events occurred, and the crisis changed course.”

Zaki, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the need for us to continue to work hard. Because the connection between Lebanon and the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, is long and well-established, and we want to see it recover its vigor. The Assistant Secretary-General recognized that the problem is complex and that a minister’s summary of the situation in Yemen is inadequate.

This is a comprehensive view of the situation, which Saudi Arabia has denounced, and it differs from Arab views on the Yemeni issue. ‘

“If a journey to Saudi Arabia is required, I will do it,” he added, “but we must see a solution to the situation and the tone of the meetings.”

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