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Apple Developer Academy selects Riyadh for its first branch in the MENA region

The Apple Developer Academy in Riyadh will be the first academy in MENA affiliated with Apple Electronics. The selection is due to Saudi Arabia’s progress in technology and its tangible digital steps in the region.

 About the Apple Developer Academy

It is the first academy in the region affiliated with the American electronics company Apple.

The Apple Academy has branches in many countries, such as the United States of America, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, and Indonesia. Their alumni have created more than 160 start-ups and more than 1,500 app applications.

The first batch will come from the academy’s women students: the Apple Developer Academy in Riyadh for women. The academy’s organizers have confirmed that it will provide everything that helps women build their start-ups and find job opportunities in various technical fields.

Apple will provide various services: programming, applications, marketing, designs, and professional skills, which will help increase digital and technical professionals.

Many Saudi politicians have praised Apple’s step, which counts with the guidance of the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, stressing their waiting for the fruits of this experiment, which came as follows:

It will establish an economic and educational system to develop skills that help innovation and technology.

The Apple Developer Academy will help establish a prosperous future for the Saudi community and the Arab and international communities.

The academy will prepare cadres who can serve different spheres of society with their sciences. It will partly contribute to Vision 2030 by taking steps towards digital transformation and equipping the female labour force.

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