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Animal Care Association collects Pets from Saudi streets

Many Saudi people with kind hearts respond to the pleas of animals laying in the streets by rushing to heal them, and as soon as their condition improves, they return to the streets without daily attention and care, until the day comes when they meet their fate from a long illness.

Association of Experts

“Al” met with Bader Al-Tarif, the General Supervisor of Saudi Arabia’s Rahma Society for Animal Welfare, to discuss the notion of forming a charitable organization to care for pets with specific requirements.

“There is no epidemic of animal abuse in Saudi Arabia,” he said, “but there is a phenomenon of bad adoption, which led to the creation of the Animal Welfare Society in Riyadh.”

“The association is a shelter for pets from the streets based on rescue reports we received from male and female citizens after they saw her suffering due to permanent disabilities so that we take care of her according to a treatment program that ensures her living in comfort and stability,” he added.

official membership

He stated, ” “Rahma Society for Animal Welfare is a new, officially licensed non-profit organization that has launched some projects to achieve its major and secondary goals, such as raising community awareness about animal protection and welfare.

It also rehabilitated and trained community kids, giving them experience caring with animals and assisting in the placement of rescued animals in permanent homes.”

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