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Alternative Energy, Mold Vegetables and Fruits Can Turn into Electricity

A new fluorescent substance made from fruit and vegetable waste that develop the invisible ultraviolet rays from the sun and turns it into alternative energy and electricity won the first-ever “sustainability” award, the James Dyson Prize 2020, according to the British “Daily Mail.”

The name Aureus is given to the innovation made with recycled crop waste that can be attached to the sides of buildings to develop invisible UV rays that create alternative energy.

An engineer from Mapua University in Manila, the Philippines, named Carvey Ehren Maigue, created the material by extracting organic lighting compounds from fruits and vegetables such as carrots. Mugi received a reward equals to £ 30,000 as support for marketing the invention of alternative energy.

Alternative Energy by Carvey Ehren Maigue
Eng. Carvey Ehren Maigue

These compounds convert high-energy ultraviolet light into visible light which is form of alternative energy, while solar panels connected to the material convert this visible light into electricity even when there are dark clouds.

Aurius could be lined up on the side of building blocks to be converted into “vertical solar farms” and provide them with alternative energy cheaply.

The advantages of the new material are not only limited to low costs but also include multiple benefits, on top is finding a way for alternative energy as well as the achievement of exemplary recycling and a solution to the problem of fruit and vegetable waste, which contributes to nearly half of the food wasted by families, according to a study conducted in 2018.

A Scientific Solution to Energy Problems

Aurius provides a practical solution to one of the problems of solar energy, which depends on visible light, which means that its efficiency is reduced during cloudy or rainy days.

Aurius supports solar energy by absorbing invisible rays all the time. Simultaneously, it is an improvement in alternative energy sources that burn unsustainable fossil fuels and the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.

In turn, the International Energy Agency reported that fossil fuels still represent more than 81% of global energy products. If the world’s population continues to burn fossil fuels at the next rate, global supplies of gas and oil will be depleted by 2060, which means the inevitability and necessity to give priority to alternatives Renewable.

It is noteworthy that the James Dyson Prize is awarded annually to university students or recent graduates in the world and was founded by the British inventor and billionaire Dyson, who is the richest man in Britain.

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