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Al Sherik: A Popular Ramadan meal in Saudi’s Medina

Have you ever heard of Al Sherik?

Eng Hassan Taher, who is interested in the history of Medina, said to “This type of bread is one of the most important elements of the Ramadan meal and it has its own splendour, closely related to the blessed month.”

After the Asr prayer every day during Ramadan, many of the people across the Medina go to the bakeries to buy Al Shreik bread. It is a moment when bakeries and shops are crowded and buyers queue up.

Taher added there are two types of this popular bread: the first one is prepared in electric ovens with flour, milk, sesame, and stuffed with chickpeas, while the other type is prepared with wood charcoal. It is baked in circles and the sesame is the special touch for a distinctive taste. He pointed out that the people of Medina eat Shreik bread in a popular way: with yoghurt.

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