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Al-Qahtani: Saudi Society Supports Women


المدربة سارة القحطاني مع أحد جيادها.

Horse racing trainer Sarah Al-Qahtani confirmed that Saudi society is currently supportive of women in all fields, and that whoever has a goal must and can now reach it.

Al-Qahtani, who is considered the first horse racing trainer in Saudi Arabia, added in an interview: “One of the basics of mastering the profession of coaching is practicing it daily because every day a new experience in the horse world benefits. However, there is no specific date, time or schedule to reach the training phase, but there must be sufficient knowledge of the health and method of training and feeding horses “

She added that she was attached to horses from a very early age. Her father was a former speed racing coach.

To train a horse is to practice patience. She is also interested in horse and camel riding.

 There must be sufficient knowledge of the correctness and method of training and feeding horses.

Saudi society is now fully supportive of women in all their fields, and women must seize this opportunity and reach their ambitions or goals.

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