Saudi Stocks Closed Higher, With Transactions of 11.4 Billion Riyals

The main Saudi stock index closed today, up 61.74 points, to close at 9085.97 points, with a value of 11.4 billion riyals.

The share of traded shares is more than 310 million shares, with more than 435,000 shares in which the shares of 116 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 68 companies closed lower.

Al-Fakhari joint-stock companies, SAPTCO, Knowledge City, Sadr, and SAPTCO were the highest, while the companies of the United Insurance Companies, Chubb, Al-Lujain, Sabek Takaful, and Al-Yamamah were the most involved in trading, as the increase and decrease ranged between 10.00% and 4.15%.

The joint-stock companies of L’azurde, Dar Al Arkan, Zain Saudi Arabia, SAPTCO and Emaar were the most active in the quantity. The shares of Refineries, Anaam Holding, L’azurde, Al-Fukharia, and Al-Omran companies are the most active in value.

The Saudi Parallel Stock Index (Nomu) closed today, down 359.75 points, to close at 27096.25 points. The value of trading reached 101 million riyals, buying traded shares of 960,000 shares, including 2219 deals.

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