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Al Nasla Rock photo wins first prize in Tabuk Heritage and Antiquities Photography Competition

Saudi photographer Abdullah Al Enezi’s shot of Al Nasla rock took top place in the Tabuk Heritage and Antiquities Photography Competition.

In an interview with “Al Arabiya Net,” Al-Enezi said he was hesitant to post the shot at first, but then decided to compete in the famous Al Nasla rock and got first place.

He said that this rock is considered one of geology’s wonders and that it is a massive boulder that has been split into two pieces with amazing accuracy.

Its façade contains a group of Thamudic inscriptions and rock drawings of various animal shapes.

He stated that he is a teacher and photographer who has received numerous local honors.

He has already shown his work in local and international exhibitions and is interested in landscape painting.

When he was asked about the first time he became interested in photography, he said it began in the days of the film camera, when he was still in elementary school.

He went on to say that following that, he became more interested in photography in general, with a concentration on capturing the region’s history, which led him to enter the competition
Documentation of distinctive features

He claimed that he taught himself photography and that with the technological revolution, he was able to improve his talents via practice and participation in exhibitions and art courses.

He explained that his artistic message is to highlight the natural beauty of our dear kingdom.

He concluded his speech by stressing that he seeks to document the most important natural places in the Kingdom.

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