Al-Durar Beach: a small piece of paradise in Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for a beach to visit during the summer in Saudi Arabia? Perhaps you should visit Al-Durar Beach, which is located north of the city of Al-Wajh in the Tabuk region, where the mild summer weather is more than welcoming.

Saudi photographer Mohammed Al-Sharif registers nature, whether it is marine, mountainous or beach. In turn, he is keen to highlight these unknown or famous landmarks to the world.

Speaking to CNN in Arabic, Al-Sharif said: “I always say that the photographer is an ambassador for his country, conveying what is beautiful to the world.”

The Saudi photographer liked to convey the beauty of this beautiful beach characterized by sunset scenes, as he describes it, to tourists.

Filming is not easy, as Al-Sharif noted, because the terrain is open and lacks towering mountains, making the air extremely harsh. As a result, lifting the drone poses some challenges. Despite that, he managed to spot some aerial shots.

According to SPA, the geographical diversity of the beach, the clarity and purity of seawater, and the mild weather throughout the year add to the place’s distinction.

The visitor can see the fossilized coral reefs scattered on the beaches in various colours and shapes due to the purity of the water. People can also see the fossilized coral reefs scattered in multiple colours and shapes due to the purity of the water.

The photographer advises visits during the summer and enjoying swimming, diving, and camping. Al-Sharif is currently working on issuing a tourism magazine for Al-Wajh Governorate, which will include all its attractions, whether marine or desert.

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