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After Egypt … Saudi Arabia suspends Sudan flights

After Egypt … Saudi Arabia suspends Sudan flights

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of flights to Sudan. This is due to events in Sudan since Saturday morning.

This comment comes after a Saudi plane crashed in Sudan.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed deep concern over the escalation and military clashes in Sudan this week between army forces and the Rapid Support Forces.

The Kingdom called on the military component and all political leaders in Sudan to give priority to the language of dialogue, restraint, and wisdom, and to unite the ranks in a way that contributes to completing the consensus that has been achieved, including the framework agreement aimed at reaching a political declaration under which political stability, economic recovery and prosperity for Sudan and its people will be achieved.

EgyptAir announced the temporary suspension of flights to and from Khartoum Airport today, Saturday, April 15, 2023. This suspension is for 72 hours until we are informed of Sudan developments.

What is happening in Sudan?

The Sudanese army said the Sudanese air force bombed several paramilitary bases in Khartoum today, Saturday. Fighting broke out in the capital’s streets between rival security forces.

He added that the Sudanese Air Force destroyed the Taiba and Soba camps, in Khartoum, of the Rapid Support Forces militia. He explained that the regular army chases Rapid Support Forces fighters and urges civilians to stay in their homes.

The head of the United Nations Mission in Sudan called on Saturday to immediately end the fighting between the regular army and paramilitary forces.

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