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Afghanistan: Russia’s Defense Minister expects conflict after NATO’s exit

NATO failed to achieve any tangible result in the formation of the well-established state institutions in Afghanistan.

Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defence minister, warned of the dangers of the situation in Afghanistan, predicting civil strife if NATO leaves.

He emphasised that the alliance failed to accomplish any actual results in the building of stable state institutions throughout its 20-year stay in the country.

“The civil war in Afghanistan is predicted to return with a high degree of probability when NATO forces leave, with the peaceful consequences that this brings, including continued deterioration of people’s standard of living, mass migration, and the spread of extremism to neighbouring countries,” Shoigu added.

During the period of NATO forces’ presence in Afghanistan, the minister stressed that the Russian side had repeatedly called for intensifying efforts and adopting a coordinated policy in this matter. 

On the other hand, Russian hostility to the alliance has overtaken their pragmatism, and fast action is essential to address the country’s situation.

Shoigu emphasised the importance of utilising the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s capabilities to make headway on this issue.

The Taliban grabbed control of the Afghan-Tajikistan border crossing on Tuesday, which is notable. The movement announced control of the Maiwand area in Kandahar, following the Pentagon’s announcement that the timetable of its troop withdrawal from Afghanistan could be slowed if those continued to make field victories.

According to the Taliban, they took control of a crucial section in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz on Monday and besieged the administrative centre.

On Sunday evening, fighting started in the Imam Sahib district. By Monday afternoon, the Taliban had taken control of the district headquarters and the police headquarters, according to district police spokesman Anamuddin Rahmani.

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