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Ithra hosts Contemporary Art Exhibition

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) launched the exhibition Basir and Insira; it gathers many artists in one place.

Running for nine months as one of the most important art fairs at Ithra, it contains a vast collection of visual tricks through a colourful collection of contemporary art.

26 artworks

It will enable visitors to interact and focus in the folds of the artistic content and elicit the meanings of the displayed visual arts.

The exhibition includes:

  • 26 artworks.
  • 16 pieces belonging to the Ithra collection.
  • Four works specially made for the show.
  • Six works borrowed from different international artists and exhibitions.

Among the most notable works is the work of the Saudi artist Walaa Fadl, Light upon Light, named after the Surat Al-Nur from the Holy Qur’an.

On display will be Carsten Höller’s Six Moving Doors – a six equidistant mirror-covered moving doors that automatically operate.

Artist Robert Irwin will also participate with his work South by Southwest, reflecting the artist’s ongoing experiments with the perceptual abilities of fluorescent lighting and complementary responses to colour, shade and spacing.

Programs and workshops

On the sidelines of the exhibition, various programs, workshops, dialogues and meetings will be held to discuss individual interpretations of the artworks displayed.

The Ithra Center aims to promote dialogue on various topics, including arts, by providing a space for artists and creators.

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