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A story of a superior Egyptian student who sells Fresca and dreams to be a doctor

By Marwa Mahmoud

Ibrahim, a Fresca seller, who inherited this business from his father to help with life’s expenses, said that he has a high school diploma with a total of 99.6% from Shohadaa 25 Yanayer School in Alexandria, and that he will fulfill his father’s dream to enter the College of Medicine next year.

It seems that Ibrahim is good at planning his life, as he did not hesitate to mention the department in which he plans to specialize in the Faculty of Medicine, which is the section “General Surgery”.

His great confidence and ambition were greatly appreciated by the pioneers of social networking sites who encouraged him and wished him achieving his dream and luck in his next steps.

Many expressed their willingness to help Ibrahim achieve his dream of joining the Faculty of Medicine, while others wished that Egyptian universities would respond to him with a grant from the best scholarships.

It seems that these calls have reached the Egyptian government, as the advisor to the prime minister, Hani Yunus, announced that the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, is trying to communicate with Ibrahim to support him, or perhaps to announce the provision of an educational grant to him.

For his part, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, asked his followers to help him reach this ambitious young man, whom he described as a “righteous son” to help and honor him.

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