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A Saudi researcher discovers rock drawings of the Arabian horse in Hail

Ahmed Al-Nagheither, a Saudi specialist in rock engravings and inscriptions, discovered a stunning rock engraving of an Arabian horse in the Hail region.

He exhibited the engraving, demonstrating that he had photographed the location and it is attesting to the Arab man’s passion for horses.

He revealed to Al that the image was taken on Mount Arnan, one of the Hail region’s mountains well-known for its classical Arabic poetry.

The researcher explained that in 2015 the rock drawings were recorded in the Hail region in Rata, Al-Manjour, and Jibha.

He pointed out that this site is the fourth site registered in the Kingdom, and was visited by many travelers such as Huber and Allen.

According to the researcher, the drawing depicts a powerful young mare and was made using the grooving technique on the surface of a stony mass beside a text written in Thamudic.

Because it was carved close to a Thamudi inscription, this rock painting is from the Thamudian era. The horse was braided and combed the hair on the head and tail.

This site was registered in the list of the Heritage Authority in Saudi Arabia due to its importance in documenting the relationship of humans with horses in this part of the world.

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