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A Saudi doctor performs surgery on a fetus inside its mother’s womb

A Saudi doctor performs surgery on a fetus inside its mother's womb

Hani Najm, a Saudi doctor, led a medical team at Cleveland Medical Center in Ohio, USA, in successfully executing a delicate and perilous surgery on a foetus within its mother’s womb, and the infant was delivered healthy.

Cleveland Medical Center released a video clip imitating the procedure, in which the stages of the uncommon operation were completed, according Cleveland Medical Center.

A malignant tumor in the heart of a five-month-old foetus within his mother’s womb was removed by Saudi Dr. Hani Najm and his medical team.

“I am happy that I can surgically remove a cancerous tumor from the heart of a foetus in its mother’s womb at the age of five months, and return the foetus to the uterus to complete pregnancy until birth with the foetal surgery team in Cleveland Clinic,” Dr. Hani Najm, head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, wrote on Twitter “.

Doctors discovered a big tumor in Raylan’s heart when he was a 25-week-old foetus and determined that he would not live without surgery in the womb to remove it.

Professor Hussein Sindi had this to say: “An incredible medical marvel with a human dimension – open-heart surgery to remove a tumor for whom?! For a foetus in the womb of its mother –

The doctors realized that the child’s life was in danger and that he couldn’t wait until after birth to rescue him, so they chose to conduct open-heart surgery on him while he was still in his mother’s womb – we salute the brave medical team in the animated film below.

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