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A New Strategic Plan for Scientific Institutes in Saudi Arabia

The President of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Prof. Ahmed bin Salem Al-Amiri, approved the new ambitious strategic plan of the Imam University Agency for Scientific Institutes Affairs and the vision, mission, axes, smart goals and qualitative pioneering initiatives

The educational field aspires to efficiency and high quality of implementation, in accordance with the standards of institutional excellence.

The strategic plan also included the development of all educational, administrative and supervisory aspects, educational equipment and the educational environment as well as to develop the curriculum, the teacher, the student, and the school environment.

The Vice-President of the Imam University for Scientific Institutes Affairs, Dr. Abdullah bin Thani, explained that the goals of the (new) scientific institutes strategic plan were formulated according to an ambitious vision.

There are several qualitative initiatives, which scientific institutes will move towards competitiveness and distinction in the field of public education, curricula, support for student activities and programs to formulate through them an environment suitable for talented and creative people.

He emphasized that the goals of the plan revolve around creating competitive, knowledge-based and skillful educational results that meet the needs of society and the labor market, developing the educational digital environment, as well as developing human resources.

 The plan will raise performance efficiency; encourage students towards entrepreneurship; and develop a culture of saving; to achieve the highest quality standards; to obtain school accreditation; achieve sustainable development, and build an effective community.

The plan will encourage national partnerships and contributions; achieve institutional excellence which, in turn, achieves efficiency in spending and effectiveness in performance; create sustainable financial resources and support the values ​​of moderation, and national belonging.

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