A look into Yanbu … Th most beautiful Saudi summer beaches

When launching the “Saudi Summer 2021” program, the Saudi Tourism Authority was keen to include “Yanbu” among its main targeted destinations, for many reasons, including:

 One of these reasons is that: it is an integrated tourist destination for the family, characterized by its richness and diversity of options.

Every summer, Yanbu witnesses an increasing number of visitors. Because it is an ideal tourist destination for tourists from inside and outside Saudi Arabia; For a special beach holiday, enjoy the white sands of the beach and the clear water.

Rahal’s blog

According to “SPA”, the “Rahal” blog, affiliated with the global travel and tourism platform WeGo, called the city of Yanbu the “Pearl of the Red Sea”.

Waterfront promenade

One of the favorite places for tourists is the “Waterfront Promenade” in Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah, which features picturesque gardens, swimming areas for all ages, and many cafes and restaurants that offer a menu of delicious food and drinks.

500 tourist experiences

It is noteworthy that the “Our Summer on Jock” program was launched in 11 tourist destinations, and will continue until the end of next September, and provides more than 500 experiences, packages, and tourism activities, provided by more than 250 partners from the private sector,

 Visitors can obtain details of packages and events through the ( app. To learn more about the “Summer Saudi 2021” program, visit the “Spirit of Saudi” social platforms, or call the Tourist Care Center (930).

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