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A look into the tourist destination of Tayeb Asm valley

A look into the tourist destination of Tayyib Asm valley

The “Tayeb Asm” valley, in the Tabuk region, is notable for having a “rift” in the heart of steep mountains, which provides year-round running water, and a palm-tree oasis at the sea entrance.

The site is considered one of Saudi Arabia’s most appealing natural wonders since it blends the mountains on both sides, the springs of water that run through it, palm palms, and the Red Sea’s coasts.

What makes the site special?

The “Tayeb Asm” valley stretches for 30 kilometers and is marked by a gorge with a wooden bridge spanning the curving cliffs that allow walkers to pass through.

Adventure lovers can also climb the mountains and take the pass on the other side of the rocks to enjoy the 5 km walk.

Historical background

It is mentioned that the site has a religious significance, as it is believed that this pass was formed between the two mountains by the water that receded from the sea when the Prophet hit Moses with his stick.

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