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A Look into the Saudi Al Muhtoura Park

A Look into the Saudi Al Muhtoura Park

Al Muhtoura Park in Al-Qarah Mountain in Al-Raith Governorate has become a unique tourist attraction, with attractive aesthetic elements.

The park is located in the middle of high mountains, valleys covered with green trees and covered on most days by waves of fog.

 Al-Muhatoura Park enjoys the lion’s share of the presence of tourists in it, especially when it rains and the waterfalls flow from the slopes of the mountains surrounding the park.

These days, “Al-Mahtura Park View” witnessed a great turnout by residents and visitors, from inside and outside the governorate, to enjoy the rainy weather and the overlooking sessions, after the heavy rain in the area.

Valley view

  Al-Mahtura Park in Al-Raith Governorate is one of the distinctive places in the region, as it overlooks Wadi Besh and Al-Waheda, not to mention the beautiful atmosphere in the area.

Urban development

During the past five years, the Al-Raith governorate witnessed an urban development after roads reached many areas in the governorate, as the governorate was built from fields, passing through Wadi Lajab to Wadi Amoud, and the governorate has also received many government development projects.

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