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A 300-year-old house in Jizan Build of stone and trees

Jizan also spelled Jazan, Gizan or Gazan, is a port city and the capital of Jizan Region, which lies in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia and directly north of the border with Yemen. Jazan City is situated on the coast of the Red Sea and serves a large agricultural heartland that has a population of 1.5 million, according to a 2010 census. As the city is the capital of the region, it has the regional airport as well as Jizan seaport. The area is noted for its high-quality production of tropical fruits like mango, figs, and papaya.

Jazan has one of the largest mega projects market in the kingdom with significant infrastructure projects worth many billions of dollars. Saudi Aramco is building a 400,000 bpd refinery with associated terminal facilities on the Red Sea near Jazan, scheduled for completion in late 2018.

The house is a “Toor” cave, built of stone and muddy and ashes of fire, and closed with a door made of trees.

More than 300 years ago, people were able in the Al-Reith governorate in the Jazan region, southwest of Saudi Arabia, to adapt nature to live in it and equip a house for him and his family in caves in rugged mountains and close them with rocks and tree trunks,to become a permanent residence for them, sheltering them from predators at that time, and it protects them from cold weather in winter and hot in summer, because mountain rocks have the advantage of preserving cold in summer and heat in winter.

One of the people who lived in this house told that this house was inhabited by his father and his grandfather before him, and they do not know who built it and he cannot know the age of this house, which is still up to the present time listing the history of that period in which he lived Man in the mountains of the Wraith.

He also estimated the life span of the dwelling compared to the age of his father and grandfather as not less than 300 years, and the parents and grandparents were punished for his residence, indicating that he lived in it for nearly 5 years, and the number of those who lived inside it was 5, then moved to another location with the same design, in a cave inside A mountain and he remained in it until the death of his uncle and then his father, and their brothers began to be employed and move to other areas, so everyone deserted it and no one lived in it at the present time, so it became as abandoned.

He said: “Life and living in this house at that time was normal and a very sweet life, but now living in this way is difficult and I cannot repeat that time, and the house is a” developed “cave built of stone and was muddy and ashes of fire, and closed with a door It was made of trees, as it did not cost anything to build”.

He continued, “Inside the house there are a number of stores for preserving” corn “and agricultural products and preserving them in a primitive way to preserve them for the longest period of time, in addition to a” stove “used for cooking and is in the corner of the cave opposite the wooden door, after opening several openings in the wall built from Stone and clay for ventilation, smoke and cooking.

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