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WhatsApp: 7 Days Disappearing Messages as a New Feature

The “WhatsApp” application, which is owned by “Facebook,” announced that it would introduce a new feature of 7 Days Disappearing Messages. Meaning that it will allow the removal of messages within 7 days to strengthen its competitive position against “Snapchat.”

7 Days Disappearing Messages

The application’s developers explained that the feature allows users to choose between keeping messages or leaving them to disappear automatically after the seven-day period.

They indicated that messages exchanged via WhatsApp currently would remain permanent, but except for the option of recall conversations with friends and family, while retaining the feature of messages remaining forever.

The developers added that the goal is to make conversations on WhatsApp similar to those that people exchange face to face, which means that they do not need to be eternal, noting that choosing this seven-day deadline allows the ability to return to the shopping list or store addresses if there is a need for them.

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