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Biden, Taking First Decisions

The Washington Post reported that some people, who are close to Biden, have revealed the strategic plans of the new US President, Joe Biden. He is taking first decisions and plans to quickly sign 4 executive agreements after taking office on January 20 in the coming year.

Taking First Decisions
Joe Biden

The newspaper pointed out that these plans mean reversing Trump’s policy and that Biden’s period will direct the United States towards different priorities and different directions.

The newspaper explained that these plans consist of re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement and withdrawing from the World Health Organization, in addition to canceling the travel ban that is imposed by Trump on some Islamic countries and preparing a program that allows “dreamers” of young immigrants who have arrived in the United States illegally to stay in the country.

The newspaper said that the shift from the Trump administration to Biden would be the most astonishing in American history, pointing to Biden’s plan to create a “Corona” working group, in recognition that the global pandemic will be the main issue that he must confront.

In fact, Trump had signed an agreement more than two years ago stating that the American borders will be closed for the citizens of seven countries – most of which are Islamic countries – (Libya, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Venezuela).

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