Yemeni Minister of Sports discusses ways to enhance cooperation with SDRPY

The Saudi Program for the Reconstruction of Yemen’s director in Aden, Ahmed Al-Madkhali, and the minister of youth and sports, Nayef Al-Bakri, spoke about the most crucial demands and interventions of the Saudi Program in the field of sports projects, building facilities, and means of cooperation today.

Al-Bakri lauded the initiative’s efforts to assist and restore sporting venues that were obliterated over the Houthi militia battle in the temporary capital of Aden in the summer of 2015.

Minister Al-Bakri reviewed several concerns that the ministry suffers from in light of the scarcity of capabilities and resources, and the Houthi coup militia’s monopoly of the capabilities of the Youth Welfare Fund.

the director of the Saudi program indicated that the Saudi Program for the Reconstruction of Yemen had approved in its plan an amount of 400 million dollars to support sports and youth projects in Yemen,

The minister and the delegation of the Saudi program had been briefed on the extent of the damages in the Olympic Stadium in the Sports City in Sheikh Othman, Aden, in preparation for the possibility of its restoration by the brothers in the fund.

Minister Al-Bakri discussed the situation of sports clubs in the governorate, stressing the ministry’s interest in sports clubs in various governorates, especially Aden clubs, which are rich in sports history because they are the oldest on the level of the island and the Arabian Gulf.

the Director General of Sports Federations and Clubs, Farhan Al-Muntaser, reviewed the new mechanism that was adopted in calculating club allocations at the level of classification of games and the achievements made in each game.

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