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Yemen gets its eighth oil grant from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia plans to include Russia in a new agreement with “OPEC +”

The eighth batch of the Saudi oil derivatives grant provided by Riyadh arrived in the Yemeni governorate of Aden, through the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen.

The aid amounted to 60,000 metric tons of diesel coinciding with the advent of the month of Ramadan. The oil derivatives supplied amounted to 684,000 metric tons since the start of the grant, to meet the monthly needs provided by the power stations in the Yemeni governorates.

The quantities allocated to the Saudi oil derivatives grant over a whole year amounted to 1,260,850 metric tons, amounting to $ 422 million, which is an extension of the previous Saudi oil derivatives grants, which amounted to more than $4.2 billion.

It is noteworthy that the oil derivatives grant, provided by Saudi Arabia through the SDRPY, has contributed to the continuous provision of electricity during this period.

More than 2,100 gigawatts of electrical energy was produced until the end of January 2022.

Saudi Arabia often provides various programs and projects to develop and improve the operational performance of the Yemeni electricity system.

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