What to do while visiting Saudi Al-Lith Governorate?


Al-Lith Governorate is one of the largest cities in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia. It is located in a distinguished geographical location. It overlooks the Red Sea coast, which makes tourism in Al-Lith a destination for thousands of tourists annually.

Al Lith governorate has many significant tourism potentials, including the Rocky Mountains, for example, the Al-Razan and Awka Mountains, which allow tourists to enjoy an exciting climbing adventure.


Al Lith Governorate also provides its visitors with many enjoyable recreational activities, such as driving cars in its wonderful dunes. It also has the oldest Saudi port, in addition to its beaches that allow you to practice diving, explore coral reefs, and practice fishing for fishing enthusiasts.

Moreover, it has a hot spring, which is considered one of the tourist attractions in Al Lith. It also includes many coral and rocky marine islands, and beautiful ancient historical cities. As a result, it is one of the distinctive tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia and is worth a visit. The following are the most popular tourist destinations in Al-Lith, Saudi Arabia.

Al Lith Governorate has a distinguished geographical location because it overlooks the Red Sea coast from the west, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia. Its beaches offer picturesque views of nature to its visitors. Additionally, there are 300 free tents on the beach that you may use to spend a pleasant day.

Al-Lith Corniche

Al-Leith Corniche is one of the most famous and significant tourist attractions in Al Lith on the Arabian Peninsula. This area has all the necessary amenities, and you can spend a wonderful day with your family or friends on the Al Lith Corniche and stroll on the wooden bridge in a relaxed atmosphere. It also has a children’s play area, as it is a unique entertainment destination for families and children.

Al Kushan Archaeological Park

Al-Kushan Archaeological Park in Al-Lith Governorate, Saudi Arabia, is distinguished by its wonderful engineering designs, which attract many visitors to it. The park extends over large areas of lush green areas, interspersed with many bodies of water. In addition, it has a variety of paved paths that allow you to walk, run, or ride bicycles.

Jebel Al-Lith Island in Saudi Arabia

The island of Jabal Al-Leith, located on the Red Sea coast, is one of the most prominent places for tourism in Al-Leith. Thousands of tourists come to it annually to practice the sport of diving, which it is famous for. The island is characterized by the purity of its sparkling waters, magnificent coral reefs, and rare and unique marine creatures like beautiful whale sharks.

The depth of the island ranges from 30 meters to 300 meters. It is surrounded by 12 charming small islands, which you can explore by taking a cruise on a speedboat. The island is also distinguished by its white sands, and it is considered home to many different seabirds, various seaweeds, and arak trees growing there. Therefore, it is the ideal place for an enjoyable leisure vacation in the bosom of nature.

Al-Ayyun Al-Hara Park in Al-Leith

The Al-Ayyun Al-Hara region is considered one of the charming natural attractions in Al-Lith Governorate, Saudi Arabia. Visitors and tourists alike come to the region to spend time meditating on the beauty of this area, and for treatment.

The Al-Ayyun Al-Hara area is made up of naturally flowing water flowing from the ground to the earth’s surface through cracks in the rocks. This watercourse is surrounded by wonderful umbrellas and is considered a natural tourist destination and a therapeutic resort. It is used for various diseases, especially skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, itching, scabies, allergies, and rheumatic diseases.

It has sulfur water that contains many different minerals in different concentrations, with innumerable benefits. It originates from mountain rocks and has a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Celsius. The municipality has provided it with all the necessary equipment, such as swimming pools and others, to make it a developed tourist area.

Al-Laith Ghumika Park

The Ghumaiqa Center in Al-Lith Governorate, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, is one of the most popular entertainment centers in the region. Compared to the rest of the Saudi governorates, this state offers many high-end and advanced services.

Ghumaiqa includes many recreational parks with wide green spaces, a children’s play area, a complex of sports fields, parks, and natural figures inspired by the region. This has become one of its prominent landmarks. We advise you to visit this park to witness the urban boom of Al-Lith Governorate, so do not miss visiting it during your tourist vacation.

Awka Mountain

The Awka Mountain is a striking natural landmark in Al-Leith Governorate, on the Arabian Peninsula. The mountain is approximately 2000 meters above sea level. This allows its visitors to enjoy interesting climbing adventures. Test

The trek to reach the top of the mountain took about four hours on foot.

At the top of Mount Awka there is flat land covered with greenery and many trees, and the summit offers many charming views of the area from above. Cold weather makes this mountaineering region one of the most popular tourist destinations in Al-Leith Governorate, where visitors can spend the most enjoyable time.

The ancient city of Sirin in Al-Lith, Saudi Arabia

Sirin is considered one of the most prominent tourist sites in the ancient city of Al-Leith. It dates back to pre-Islamic times. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the governorate, which is frequented by many visitors throughout the year, especially history and scientific research enthusiasts.

The city includes many ancient inscriptions and historic heritage monuments through which you can learn about the ancient history of the city. You can also wander around the lanes of the old city, and learn about its various heritage treasures. Moreover, it has the historic port of Sirin. This city is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Al-Lith Governorate, which we recommend you visit.

Al Lith hotels

If you are a visitor to the city of Al-Lith, we will provide you with a list of the most suitable accommodations, whether hotels or hotel apartments, in the city, as follows:

Durrat Al Lith chalets

The Durrat Al-Laith chalets are one of the most convenient places to stay in Al-Leith because of their convenient location on Majra Al-Sail Street. It provides elegant chalets for visitors, which may contain one bedroom or two rooms together.

The chalet offers high-end rooms that are fully equipped to meet all guest needs, attractive patios with gorgeous views of the pool, and many indoor amenities, including a hot tub, air conditioning, TV, and a private bathroom with shower and bidet. It also contains a kitchenette with many cooking facilities.

The chalet offers a wonderful package of outdoor facilities, the most significant of which is an elegant swimming pool with seats and facilities for sitting, relaxing, and sunbathing. It has free private parking.

The OYO 242 Dream Resort Al Laith

The OYO 242 Al-Laith Dream Resort is one of the most renowned hotels in Al-Laimost renowned for its privileged location on the renowned Haras Al-Hodood Road in the city within the Al-Tawfiq neighborhood. It is only about 15 minutes away by car from the famous Jeddah Road, while it is about 20 minutes away from the Municipal Council by car.

For visitors to the resort, there is a luxurious restaurant that offers delicious food and rich main courses. This is combined with a games room filled with diverse entertainment games for visitors of all ages. In addition, there is an impressive park filled with lush green spaces, where you can stroll along walking paths and enjoy stunning views of nature.

The resort offers free high-quality Wi-Fi throughout the property, and its visitors can arrange memorable shuttle trips in the surrounding area as well as rent boats to reach the famous Al Lith Mountain.

Al Lith Apartments for Hotel Suites

As we list the most popular Al-Laith hotels and the most convenient places to stay in them, we should not ignore the hotel apartments, especially the Al-Laith Hotel Apartments, which are among the most luxurious and luxurious hotel apartments in Al-Laith. The hotel has an elegant setting along a main street in Ghumika Governorate’s Makkah Al-Mukarramah region and offers rooms, suites, and luxury apartments for visitors.

The apartments offer wonderful rooms decorated with exquisite decorations, designed in a decent modern style, and all contain a kitchenette and a private bathroom and include a wide range of internal facilities and amenities, the most significant of which are; Air conditioning, washing machine, flat screen TV to watch various satellite channels, all offering wonderful views for guests.


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