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Vision 2030 and its supports to Saudi women

A Teenage look at Women's Empowerment in Saudi Arabia

Vision 2030 has granted women the right to assume leadership positions and increase their proportion in the labour market. Saudi women will not forget the famous statement pronounced by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman: “I support Saudi Arabia, and half of Saudi Arabia is women. So I support the women.” Those clear words helped establish a foundation for supporting rules and empowering females, and a lot has happened so far.

Saudi women are crucial in many areas, especially scientific, practical, social, economic and political fields. Many orders, decisions, and regulations have been issued to promote women’s rights, including the suspension of their guardian approval for providing or terminating services. Perhaps one of the most significant changes were seem in politics, when women witnessed a qualitative and distinctive leap by having 30 seats in the Shura Council and the grant to participate in the municipal elections.

The issuance of the Protection from Abuse Law and its Implementing Regulations, the Law to Combat the Crime of Harassment, the allocation of a centre to receive reports of family violence, the establishment of the Family Affairs Council, and the allocation of one of its committees to handle women’s affairs are to promote women’s rights. In the sports sphere, the Professional League licensing committee began to oblige clubs to have a women’s team for every club.

The government also sought to expand the labour market to women by giving them parallel job opportunities like the ones given to men, without exception, due to its belief in the balanced competence between both in their production capability. It has also provided training programs to develop job skills aligned with market needs to raise the quality and value of their output.

Last but not least, for the first time in the history of the Kingdom, Saudi women are now allowed to participate in the Olympic Games, take licenses to pilot aircraft, and have assumed ambassador positions. 

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