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Views from Habak Valley in Tabouk

Tabuk region is distinguished by the Al-Daisa Valley, which is one of the most prominent natural landmarks in the region and is known as Wadi Al-Habak, Tamar Al-Nabq, Wadi Damah and Wadi Qarar, as it is characterized by its calmness, clean air and habitats of beauty.

Pictures taken by photographer Muhammad al-Sharif and published on his Twitter account showed the beauty of the valley, which is located 220 km south of the area, and showed the shapes of the red mountains that appeared in the form of columns stabilizing.

Underneath are trees of various kinds, including palms, edamas and basil that litter the valley in a beautiful and attractive sight.

The valley was also distinguished by a flowing feature called “the blue eye”, which is a gathering area for water coming from the springs, especially the one in the middle of the valley, which descends from a rocky point whose source is not known as far as its beauty and freshness are known.

Citrus trees and various fruits are spread in the valley in the region, including the buckthorn fruits that the people obtain to make “buckthorn jam” and “des al-tabaq”, which are among the crops that the residents of the Disa Center tend to turn to manufacturing industries.

The valley embraces Nabatean tombs carved with rocks, as well as some other archaeological sites, remnants of residential settlements such as Al-Mushairef, Al-Sukhnah, and Al-Masaken, in addition to its temperate atmosphere throughout the year.

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