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US State Department emphasizes commitment to keep Saudi Arabia’s security

The US State Department emphasized on Monday its support for Saudi Arabia, which has been subjected to terrorist assaults by the Houthis.

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the US State Department, denounced the Houthi strikes and emphasized the US commitment to Saudi Arabia’s security.

Price also stated that the Houthis are preventing a diplomatic settlement in Yemen from moving forward.

These claims came after Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, the Saudi Ministry of Defense’s official spokesperson, said that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia against Riyadh on Monday evening.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA,” Al-Maliki stated that the interception procedure resulted in the spreading of shrapnel in various residential zones without inflicting any harm.

He further stated that the Houthi militia’s barbarous and irresponsible actions in targeting civilians and civilian property systematically and purposefully breach humanitarian principles and international humanitarian law and its customary regulations.

He also stated that the Ministry of Defense will take the necessary and deterrent measures to protect its lands and national capabilities, protect civilians, and put an end to hostile and cross-border actions, following international humanitarian law and customary rules.

According to the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, a ballistic missile fired at Khamis Mushait was intercepted by Saudi defenses.

The Houthi militia has been attempting to target civilian and economic targets in the Kingdom for some time, an attempt that has drawn condemnation from some Arab and Western countries, who have expressed their support for the Kingdom and its security while denouncing the Houthi terrorist attacks.

These recurrent and rising Houthi attempts come at a time when the UN is attempting to create a truce in Yemen to re-launch discussions to find a peaceful conclusion to the conflict, which has lasted for years.

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