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US official: Any Iranian escalation would cost them a lot

By : Marwa Mahmoud

The US Central Command has said, “We have identified for Iran more clear red lines than ever,” said General Kenneth McKinsey.

He also stressed that Iran is still sticking its aims to dominate region, adding that cooperation with our partners in the region represents a strong deterrent to Tehran’s malign activities.

In addition, he stressed that Washington will continue to put pressure on Iran through the UN arms embargo resolution

In the Iraqi file, he indicated in a telephone summary with a number of journalists on Tuesday evening that “the central leadership agrees with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in his efforts to bring the militias under state control.”

 He added, “We have deployed an air defense system in the Green Zone to protect our forces in Iraq.”

He also clarified that the American forces are present in Iraq in order to continue operations against ISIS.

As for the Libyan crisis, he stressed the necessity of the exit of all foreign forces from Libya.

Moreover, he affirmed that a political settlement is the best way out of the Libyan crisis.

It is noteworthy that McKinsey announced last week that America needs Al-Kazemi’s help, hinting that there is an Iraqi decision expected for the American forces to stay in Iraq to help him confront ISIS, according to what was reported at the time.

He also praised al-Kazemi, saying: “He has taken important steps to confront the militias related to Iran that targeted American forces.”

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