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US military air exercises at Prince Sultan Base in Saudi Arabia

The US Central Command released pictures showing the US Air Force’s exercises with its Saudi counterpart at Prince Sultan Air Base last week.

The Central Command published the photos on its official Twitter page with a comment: “Last week, the joint exercises for the ‘Desert Mirage 3’ exercise were concluded”.

Brigadier General Evan Beatus said: ‘We have a firm partnership with the Saudi Royal Air Force here at Prince Sultan Air Base, and we coordinate in Often to develop options that reinforce and strengthen our defences against emerging and trusted threats. “

Last week, the Saudi Ministry of Defense also published pictures of the air training on its official Twitter page.

The US Central Command had previously published a video clip on the capabilities of Prince Sultan Base in 2019. On that occasion, it posted a video clip on Twitter showing the landing of strategic B1B bombers at the Saudi base. 

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