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US Intelligence: Corona was not manufactured or modified

CIA announced on Thursday that the new Corona virus has not been manufactured or modified.

But US intelligence confirmed the research of the hypothesis that Corona came out of a laboratory in China.

Earlier, the US President accused China of manufacturing the virus emerging in the Wuhan laboratory, and several reports have suggested that the corona virus that has filled the world, infecting more than 193 countries and territories around the world, from the virology laboratory in Wuhan, China, through a worker in it to her husband and from him to a popular market to sell Wild animals, and then outbreak in the city.

Fox News reported two weeks ago that the virus had started in a laboratory in Wuhan as part of China’s efforts to demonstrate the efficiency of its efforts to identify and combat viruses.

Meanwhile, Trump said – “a lot of strange things have happened” regarding the origin of the emerging virus, but many investigations are underway, “We will find out.”

For its part, the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused US of trying to change facts and divert people’s attention from its crisis by accusing others.

In addition, CIA emphasized that arriving at the origin of the virus is a complex scientific and research issue.

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