UN Praises the Process of Distance Education in Saudi Arabia

The United Nations Resident Coordinator to the Kingdom, Ambassador Nathalie Fauste, confirmed that the Kingdom succeeded in distance education during the Corona pandemic. It was able to continue the educational journey of more than 6 million students without interruption. It created interactive tools and solutions such as the Madrasati platform, and made available 23 educational channels on YouTube.

On the occasion of World Education Day, Natalie said that the Kingdom could transfer to distance education within hours of the suspension of studies. It represents a distinguished success story, calling for the study and documentation of the Kingdom’s experience in distance education. The elements that made it successful despite the pandemic conditions should be studied.

 She added that the United Nations is very happy to see free satellite channels for classrooms, including three special channels for students with disabilities, as disability inclusion is a major focus of the United Nations at the global level, noting that the Kingdom has provided great examples of steps to accelerate the implementation of development goals.

Natalie indicated that the Kingdom’s government has made the country and its youth able to compete in the national, regional and global labor markets. This was by emphasizing the importance of education and investing resources in ensuring progress and continuity. She pointed out that the United Nations believes more than ever before that education is the basis for sustainable development and improvement.

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