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UN plans to hold Libyan talks on election laws

The UN plans to launch a new round of dialogue between the competing Libyan parties, to review electoral laws and resolve disputes over them.

Local media quoted informed sources that the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the UN on Libya, Stephanie Williams, called for a meeting in Tunisia next Thursday, to review the electoral laws, in the presence of the High Electoral Commission, the National Planning Council, and experts.

Williams is seeking to reach an agreement this month with the competing actors in Libya, on election laws and constitutional arrangements.

She pushes for elections in the country, as she confirmed earlier that she wants to hold talks between members of Parliament and the High Council of State before Ramadan, which is expected to start in early April.

The Supreme Council of State chose 12 members Monday, to represent it in these talks and negotiations, but Parliament still refuses to engage in them and adheres to the electoral laws issued by it.

The issue of the constitutional base and the electoral law is a subject of constant disagreement between the political parties in Libya, which resulted in the collapse of the electoral process that was scheduled for December of last year.

These differences also led the country to a new political division, since Parliament assigned a new government led by Fathi Bashagha, which has so far been unable to enter the capital, Tripoli, to carry out its duties, due to the current government’s refusal to hand over power before holding elections.

In the light of this conflict, the Presidential Council threatened to implement and adopt a constitutional basis for holding presidential and parliamentary elections, if the political parties in his country did not agree to prepare laws that would allow the organization of elections as soon as possible.

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