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Twaiq-2 manoeuvres concluded in Saudi Arabia with the participation of seven Arab countries

The Twaiq-2 military training, which lasted for several days, was concluded at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia.

Elements from the air forces and paratroopers of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Jordan, and the Sultanate of Oman participated in the training and Bahrain and Kuwait as observers.

The concluding phase of the training included different activities and an airdrop by parachute to supply the forces with fuel and ammunition through medium supplies and heavy drops.

During the training, the participating elements carrying out the tasks demonstrated high capacity and professionalism, representing Arab countries’ armed forces in terms of human, technical, and high-skilled capabilities.

The joint training Twaiq – 2 also demonstrates the strength that binds Arab countries that took part in the exercise and their ability to support security and establish efforts to face common challenges in the region.

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