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The10th edition of the Arab-China Business Conference Kicks off activities in Riyadh

The10th edition of the Arab-China Business Conference Kicks off activities in Riyadh

The opening session of the Tenth Arab-Chinese Conference, held in Riyadh, has ended. It was inaugurated by Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan, Saudi Investment Minister Khaled Al-Falih, Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abu Al-Ghaid, and a Chinese official interested in the investment process between China and Arab countries.



About 23 countries and 3,000 personalities concerned with investment between China and Arab countries are participating in the conference under the title “Cooperation for Prosperity”.

The Saudi Foreign Minister stressed the importance of Chinese-Arab cooperation, especially with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and mutual investment in various fields, in addition to the growing volume of trade exchange.

While the Saudi Minister of Investment confirmed in his speech that during the past few decades, Saudi Arabia’s relationship has grown closer with friendly China, as they are a major partner of China in the Arab world and a gateway to it, and because they are also the largest economy in the Middle East and the fastest growing in the world during the past year, he said: “Today, we are committed to serving as a bridge connecting the Arab world with China and contributing to the growth and development of their relations, and our hosting of this gathering of distinguished leaders from all over the Arab world and from China is evidence of that.”

He added, “Here, I must stress that one of the most significant engines of growth in our country are economic development strategies based on a distinguished national vision, and based on strong executive plans and programs. Perhaps the Kingdom’s vision for 2030 represents a model for these strategies that will prepare the Arab world for the coming years.”

The Saudi Minister of Investment considered that the fuel of the Arab world, which will unleash cooperation between it and China, is represented, in the first place, in its human resources. This is with a population of more than half a billion, mostly young.

It also lies in Gross Domestic Product, which totals three trillion and $ 500 billion. In addition, it lies in enormous natural wealth and abundant energy resources. Traditional and renewable, and in a distinguished geographical location, all promising a comprehensive Renaissance towards growth and expansion. This will create enormous opportunities for our next renaissance and economic, commercial, and investment cooperation.

He said, “We welcome China’s participation today in this Renaissance, and we will work with it to seize the vast opportunities available to us because we believe in broad integration between our economies.”

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