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The Yemeni government is on the path to peace despite the breach of the armistice

SDRPY holds a workshop with UNDP to secure food in Yemen

By : Dr. Raja Shawkat

The truce between the parties to the Yemeni conflict, which entered into force on April 2, after being widely welcomed in Yemen and internationally, after the parties responded to the United Nations ceasefire proposal, has become threatened by escalating breaches.

 The media center of the Yemeni armed forces announced that it had thwarted 75 violations committed by the Houthis of the armistice signed on the fronts of Ma’rib, Taiz, Hodeidah, Hajjah, and Dhale’.

     Meanwhile, Yemen’s representative to the United Nations, Abdullah Al-Saadi, said that the government has chosen peace as a path to end the conflict and achieve security, justice, and the rule of law.

Al-Saadi made it clear that the government is ready to go to any lengths to achieve the people’s aspirations for peace, security, and prosperity, and this cannot be achieved unless the Houthi militias make peace and make real concessions for the future of Yemen.

He also called on the Security Council to assume its moral responsibilities and to exert more pressure on the Houthi militias to stop the breaches, abide by the armistice, release the prisoners, and engage in the UN-led peace process to end the conflict.

    On the other hand, the Presidential Leadership Council headed by Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi discussed with the government and provincial governors the priority of the stage to complete the restoration of state-building and alleviate the suffering of citizens by overcoming economic challenges and requirements for controlling security and activating state institutions.

During the meeting, he reviewed the work plan for the coming period, explaining that the economic file is a top priority, stressing that the council extends its hand for a just and comprehensive peace, while at the same time it will not hesitate to defend the security of Yemen and its people.

 He added that (the challenges are great and success is not impossible, and we are fully aware of the complexities facing us, and we have the determination that may help us to dismantle the mines planted on our way).

International praise for the Kingdom’s efforts

The British Permanent Representative to the United Nations praised the Kingdom’s growing contribution and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in providing serious consultations and advanced political reform attempts. In a phone call between the Chinese President and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – may God protect him – the Chinese president praised the Kingdom’s pivotal role in bringing peace to Yemen.

The Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Secretary-General of the United Nations also reviewed by phone all the events taking place in the regional and international arenas, and the Secretary-General valued the fruitful efforts of Saudi Arabia to achieve the armistice between the parties to the conflict, calling for continued efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution with all parties.

At the same time, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Aid Coordinator Martin Griffiths confirmed that (the humanitarian need in Yemen is still huge).

And the Kingdom announced last week that it was decided to provide urgent support to Yemen with an amount of 3 billion dollars, of which 2 billion dollars are divided equally between the Kingdom and the UAE and 1 billion from the Kingdom in support of development initiatives and projects after the establishment of peace.

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