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The Trends of 2020 in Technology

The economies are changing very fast, particularly in the time of quarantine, where most of the people are staying at home. This current situation is taking the people and organizations to discover new possibilities and new solutions. Eventually, technology is the game-changer in this formula. So, the trend of technology will shape the eCommerce of the future.

  • Online sales:

It’s a vast market that has grown in the last couple of years aggressively. People now are turning to online sales through websites and mobile applications, and during this time of quarantine, most people are using online sales as an alternative to the traditional one.

  • eWallets

People are limiting their connections, including their usual transactions, and eWallets are the norm, now, for paying and shopping. In the coming year, it is expected that people will no longer use traditional paper payments or card payments.

  • Customized products

 With today’s technology, it becomes much easier to customize the products and make them more personal. The trend of most products and services will be about customization. Being flexible with the requirements of the customer is the key to a highly competitive market.

  • Virtual reality interaction

Online shopping is a scary experience for old-fashion people; eventually, they will ride the wave of eCommerce. However, the value o add for those people is to make their shopping experience near to reality. Virtual interaction is a feature that will enable people to imagine and measure the quality of the products they are going to buy. These features are called Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

  • Cognitive supply chain

The momentum of eCommerce is intelligent systems that can be improved and personalized. These systems help in managing the supply chain and inventory. They are known as a cognitive supply chain that levels up transparency and performance while lowering risk.

There are many more trends in the technology field. However, the above points are expected to be the most highlighted ones shortly.

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