The Story of A Saudi Doctor who treated hundreds of Corona infections

By : Marwa Mahmoud

After the Saudi infection control consultant Nizar Bahabri was infected with the new Corona virus, about 25 days ago, the news of the famous doctor was interrupted, which raised widespread questions about his health condition.

 Some activists today circulated the image of Dr. Nizar after his recovery, and his exit from the critical stage.

Activists on the communication platforms confirmed that Dr. Bahabri is in good health, indicating that he is recovering from the emerging corona virus.

That was according to what was confirmed by the communication account of the hospital in which he lies in response to the inquiry of one of the tweeters: “Dr. Bahabri receives the necessary health care.”

Dr. Nizar had been infected with the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, and was hospitalized for treatment, as “Bahbari” directly contributed to the treatment of more than 513 patients with Corona.

 He had a distinguished and active presence in the media channels and through the means of communication to raise awareness about this epidemic since its emergence, and its spread in Saudi Arabia, he works as a consultant of internal diseases and infectious diseases.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Bahbari obtained the American Board of Internal Medicine certification in 2007, followed by the Fellowship Program from the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in 2008.

 He successfully completed it at the same university, where he later obtained a certificate in infectious diseases by the American Board of Medicine. Al-Batini in 2010.

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