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The Saudi Human Rights Commission conducts 2,094 prison visits

By : Marwa Mahmoud

A spokeswoman for the Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia, Noura Al-Haqbani, revealed that the commission carried out 2,094 visits to prisons and detention houses in all regions of Saudi Arabia during the fiscal year 1440-1444 AH

That was to ensure that detainees or convicts obtain all their rights guaranteed to them by law, as those visits included 614 visits For public prisons, 557 visits to security prisons, a visit to various detention centers, 39 visits to girls’ welfare institutions, and 49 visits to social observation homes.

Al-Haqbani emphasized the progress witnessed by the authorities in the field of electronic transactions and the reduction of paperwork, noting in this regard the need to increase coordination between the relevant authorities and find an advanced technical mechanism that contributes to the speed of procedures.

Al-Haqbani stressed the necessity of completing the construction of approved buildings for some of these entities and approving the construction of new buildings

That to be in accordance with standards and specifications related to the category of its guests or beneficiaries, explaining that authority monitored during its control visits a number of observations working with the relevant authorities to address them.

Al-Haqbani also clarified that the authority carried out 414 visits to other government agencies in various regions, to uncover irregular violations that constitute a violation of rights, and to take the necessary regulatory measures in this regard.

“The authorities that visited were varied, with 259 visits to shelters and social institutions, 117 visits to hospitals and health care centers, and 20 visits to educational institutions, in addition to a number of visits to various other bodies.”

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