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The Ihsan platform breaks the barrier of SR500m

The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SADAA) announced that the amount of donations for the national campaign for charitable work in Saudi Arabia has reached SR500m in the Ihsan platform.

The CEO of Ihsan, Eng Abdulaziz Al-Hammadi, said in a press statement to that the platform receives daily between SR10m to SR15m in donations.

He indicated that the number of companies, institutions, and people in business who have contributed to Supporting the national campaign for charitable work has so far reached 200 people.

Al-Hammadi added the platform is always keen to provide quality digital services and programs that facilitate the donation experience and stimulate giving, such as the Zakat calculator program, the Grass program, and the Hadiya program.

Immediate Distribution

The donations go directly to the neediest places; 99% of them spent inside the country in charitable & development projects, and 1% or less is applied abroad in partnership with the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

Al-Hammadi stressed that all services and transactions are carried out under high-level governance, and the selection of cases is under the supervision of the relevant government agencies. The Sharia committee headed by His Excellency Sheikh Dr Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Mutlaq is responsible for the follow-up.

All regions of the Kingdom

Ihsan platform for charitable work was launched from the headquarters of SDAIA in Riyadh to enhance the values of sharing and promoting charitable work with the solidarity of members of society. It was established according to Royal Order No. 48019 to undertake the investment of data and artificial intelligence in cooperation with the supervisory committee, which includes many ministries.

SDAIA develops the platform through an advanced and effective technical system through partnerships with the government and private and non-profit sectors. The aim is to strengthen the Kingdom’s pioneering role in this vital sector and contribute to its gross domestic product.

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