The event On the Rail Road brings the cultural heritage of different areas in one place

Along with the event of Riyadh season, the exhibition and festival “On the Rail Road” will be announced as the initiative to promote domestic tourism and folklore heritage by highlighting different colors of the folkloric regions of the Kingdom which the train will pass by. It is Sponsored by SAR Railway Company and a number of other sponsors who have contributed to the success of this event, which is estimated to have more than 75,000 visitors. The event will be from November 14th until December 11th, will be available to everyone, and will open from 8 A.M until midnight.This event is characterized by its large stage for presenting the programs in the form of colorful and diverse weeks. Colors from the heritage spectrum.  The first week will represent the colors of the eastern region heritage especially the Ahsai art within the eastern nights. The second week will be about the original Najdi colors within the nights of Najdah in the northern nights to conclude with the Hijazi color in the Hijazi nights.Many of the artistic talents in the fields of music, competitions for the audience, a first of its kind auction, and draws for prizes and valuable gifts will be given of the audience.In the Games area, a lot of efforts were done to bring new games that will be a surprise for those who love adventure, excitement and discovery. Additionally, a stage will be dedicated to the youth who will show the youthful talented musicians, artists, and performers.

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