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“On the Rail Road”..A festival of artistic and cultural heritage in Riyadh season

Saudi Arabia has announced about “On the Rail Road” festival and expiation, along with Riyadh season. “On the Rail Road” will be an initiative to promote domestic tourism and folklore heritage by highlighting different colors of the folkloric regions of the kingdom which the train will pass by.

This event sponsored by SAR Railway Company and other sponsors who have contributed in the success of this event, which is estimated to have more than 75000 visitors.

It will be held this year from November 14th to December 11th, and will open to all from the morning at 8 A.M to the midnight.

The event will be characterized by a large theater for presenting the programs in the form of colorful and diverse weeks. During the first week there will be a show that represents the colors of the Eastern region heritage, especially the (Ahsai Art) within the eastern nights.

The second week will be about the original Najdi colors within the nights of Najdah in the northern nights, and will end up with the Hihazi color in Hijazi nights.

There will be also many artistic competitions, prizes, valuable gifts for the audience, and an auction which will be the first of its kind.

In the games area, they have modern games that will surprise those who love adventure, excitement and discovery. There will be also a special theater for the youth that will show the youthful talented musicians, artist and performers.

In addition, the festival mangers will provide many corners for professional musicians, who will give the place a refined atmosphere to record memorable moments and memories, as well as the beautiful site that combines between the lights, the beauty of the landscape, and the sound of fountains, beside the musical recursions.

Eventually, the festival will be suitable for all family members, as well as the price of the tickets. The services and restaurants will be available beside many participating companies that will play an important role by publicizing the internal tourism and its names and promoting its own offers

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