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The Customs and Borders of Saudi Arabia is Imposing a New System to Prevent Illegal Actions

The authority of Saudi Customs has released the plan of installing a new system of alarming at border crossing points. This decision came to implement the safety precautions; it is designed to prevent illegal actions that might happen.

The authority will assign one of the local companies that have experience in the field of alarm systems. The company will have full responsibility for designing, installing, and evaluating the security system for detecting illegal actions.

The first stage of the implementation will be in the crossing point of Khafji and Wadiah. Those two points are intersecting with the borders of the south in Saudi Arabia.

The system will be activated during the day and night for 24 hours. Also, the maintenance of the system’s efficiency will be held by a specialized company. Besides that, the workforce and other resources will be facilitated, and the standards will be at the top quality.

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