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The Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia on Conference-Call Meeting

The Council of Ministers in Saudi Arabia, leaded by King Salman, has conducted their periodic meeting via online conference-call. This act came as a result of the current situation of COVID-19.

The meeting has started with a discussion of corona updates locally and globally, and how the pandemic is affecting the overall economy.

The agenda topics of the meeting had varied since it is linked to shura council as well as various other matters. Also, it reviewed the updates of Economic Affairs and Development Council, Political and Security Affairs Council, General Committee of the Council of Ministers, and Cabinet Experts Authority. As a result, they have concluded the following decisions:

  • Accepting an understanding approval of a memorandum between Saudi and Russia.
  • Adoption of the unified Saudi classification for occupations.
  • Restructuring the board of directors of the Social Development Bank.
  • Restructuring the board of directors of the Agricultural Development Fund.
  • Approving the Tourism Development Fund.
  • Approving the human rights tasks assigned to the legal departments of government agencies.
  • Approval of a memorandum of understanding between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government of the United Arab Emirates for cooperation in the health field.
  • Approval of the establishment of the Real Estate Developers Services Center (Completion Center), to provide services to real estate developers for residential projects.
  • Approval of the request submitted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy of the Republic of Korea to open the office of achieving the Saudi-Korean Vision (2030) in Riyadh.
  • Approval of the implementation of the decision of the Supreme Council of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf in its fortieth session, which includes adopting (environmental trends in the countries of the Cooperation Council 2020 CE: requirements of the current environmental situation).
  • Approval of promotions for the fifteenth and fourteenth ranks in the ministries of Finance, Sports, Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance.
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