The COP26 summit : A New Commitment to Reduce Extremely Hazardous Methane Emissions

In their second-largest agreement at the UN climate conference, world leaders are going to lay out a strategy to drastically reduce methane emissions.

The new worldwide methane promise, backed by the US and the EU, aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

Scientists believe the advantages might be tremendous since they could help the globe avoid half-degree global warming by 2040.
China, Russia, and India, three of the world’s major methane polluters, are not anticipated to follow through.

Methane is released as a byproduct of oil and gas extraction, and it heats the atmosphere 80 times quicker than carbon dioxide.

Methane is harsher pollution for the environment than carbon dioxide, as it is a quicker pollutant and a big contributor to global warming. It’s a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to at least a quarter of current global warming.

According to the UNEP-Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) Global Methane Assessment, net-cost reductions of zero or low cost may roughly halve anthropogenic methane emissions, while proven methods could shave 0.28 degrees Celsius off the planet’s average temperature by 2050.

The International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO) will make it possible to prioritize activities and track pledges made by state players in the Global Methane Pledge, a US and EU-led effort to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030.

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