The Blueprint Series, Intellectual Life

In the previous article named “Blueprint for The Journey of Your Life,” the article has mentioned the 12 categories. This article will discuss the second category, which is Intellectual Life. It comes as the second category because it is an active side in personal life.

The idea of this category is to explore the mind. How is it working, and what are the kind of thoughts that goes around the brain? It is essential to monitor the state of the mind since it is the gate to change the ideas into reality. People usually forget about the powerful tool they have, and they just take it for granted without valuing this intellectual power.

To draw this category in intellectual life, ask your self the most straightforward question, “How do you see your intellectual life after 10-15 years from now?”. The answer to this question should form your vision, so you set the north star of your intellectual life by that.

To increase the motivation, ask yourself, “why?” and from there, you will find the hidden emotions and reasons. Motivation is what gets you started, and every time you lose the passion for tracking your health goals, just remind yourself of the reasons to keep the motivation going. For example, ask yourself “why do I really want to have a high intellectual standard?” is it for me to be proud of myself, or to contribute in this life by providing the best of what I can. You should know the underlying reason behind your goal.

Then move to the mission where you break-down your vision into pieces. This way will make it easy for you to simplify the process of your journey. After that, draw your strategies and tactics, yet keep in mind to make it simple and easy. A few steps every day is better than huge jumps every once and a while.

Lastly, track yourself and revaluate your performance every time. This reevaluation can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Put your standards and follow your plan.

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