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Terrorist Houthi Militia Projectile falls Close to Hospital in Jizan, No Reported Injuries

Saudi Arabia announced the fall of a military projectile launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia from Yemen towards Al-Harath Governorate in the Jizan region of the Kingdom.

The media spokesman for the Civil Defense Directorate in the Jizan region, Colonel Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ghamdi, said that the Civil Defense had received a report about a military projectile launched by the terrorist Houthi militia towards Al-Harath Governorate in the Jizan region.

He added that the military projectile was a Katyusha type, and fell in a garden adjacent to Al-Harath General Hospital. Its shrapnel was scattered in several different locations, and it did not result in any injuries or damage.

The attack comes hours after the Arab coalition announced in Yemen the destruction of a drone bomb in Yemeni airspace launched by the Houthi militia towards Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, the Arab coalition affirmed that it is committed to “destroying the Houthis’ specific capabilities in accordance with international and humanitarian law.”

The Houthi militia has been targeting civilians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with missiles or booby-trapped aircraft that the coalition forces are able to intercept and destroy.

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